D110 Niimbot Mini Thermal Self-adhesive Labels Printer Mini Portable Printer Mobile Sticker Pocket Label Maker Printer Niimbot


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  1. Smaller & Lighter: This label printer is compact, half the size of traditional labeling machines, ensuring easy portability. Constructed with ABS material, it offers enhanced texture and adaptability for various scenarios, making it convenient for users to carry wherever they go.
  2. Rechargeable and Inkless: Utilizes direct thermal printing technology, eliminating the need for ink, toner, or ribbons. This results in a lower operational cost compared to inkjet printers. Featuring a 203DPI resolution print head and Bluetooth connectivity, it allows personalized and hassle-free label creation directly from mobile devices, enabling a more organized life and efficient business management.
  3. Applicable Scene: Versatile applications across home storage and organization, office file classification, supermarket price tags, and school student information management. Ideal for labeling spice racks, cosmetics, jewelry cases, file folders, food storage containers, bottles, plant pots, and even pocket pharmacies. This makes both office work and daily life significantly more convenient. Also, it's an ideal present for labeling white elephant gifts or adding Valentine's Day decor with personalized labels.
  4. Portable Editing: The label maker eliminates the need for a traditional keyboard and screen, utilizing a mobile app for editing purposes. Supporting nine languages and nineteen fonts, it offers flexible typesetting according to individual needs. It comes with a diverse range of printing materials, including various common pattern logos. Users can also import custom content by scanning or adding images for personalized DIY printing.

Notice: It's important to note that this device is not recommended for use with tablets, as compatibility issues may arise with some tablet models.

The Label Maker Machine with Tape Portable Bluetooth Label Printer stands out for its convenience, versatility, and cost-effectiveness. It simplifies organization tasks across various settings, offering an efficient solution for both personal and professional labeling needs.

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